Harrah’s Bingo Club 1960s

Bill Harrah first came to Reno in the 1936 and his businesses hopped around the block of Center Street several times after opening his first club in 1937. The first spot was at a bar previously called the Owl. After more successful ventures on Commercial Row and Virginia Street, Harrah’s casino straddled both sides of what became Lincoln Alley (remember that Fitzgerald guy?) so there were entrances on both main streets.

However, this little Bingo and Keno parlor shown above was located on the other side of Center Street, with the Club Cal-Neva directly across from it. Now, the location is the Cal-Neva’s parking garage. Kind of funny, since it’s nearly right where the Owl was 25-years earlier. Harrah’s became the largest owner of casinos in Nevada and later the world.

In other Reno news, Hot August Nights are in full swing, the hotels are full, the casinos are hopping, and old cruisers are be-bopping to 50’s music all over town. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but late at night while most of the revelers should be in bed, the poker games are cookin’. That’s always a good thing.

Thanks for reading – Al W Moe


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  1. Adding one in Hammond and relocating the Gary casino would also strengthen the gambling industry in the region in case Illinois changes its gambling laws, McDermott said. If the changes happen, casinos will appear nearby in Illinois and pull revenues from Northwest Indiana.


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